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How to workout for weight loss with an Anterior Chest Wall Inflammation
11.06.2019, 16:41
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How to workout for weight loss with an Anterior Chest Wall Inflammation
Hey everyone I need some help please!
I started my journey back in February and I motivated more than ever to get to my goal.
I weigh 165, my height is 5 ft 1, I’m 22 and female and my goal weight is 130. I don’t know what my body fat percentage is but I do know it’s definitely way way higher then any percentage of muscle that I have. I know my goal is to go down to 130 but it really also mainly is to decrease my body fat percentage (I have a lot surrounding my abdomen area, arms, thighs a little and glutes)
I started to strength train 3 times a week. For two days I’ll do a leg work out 3 sets of 15 (lunges, leg press (10 pounds each leg), outer hip abduction machine (100 pounds)) and once a week I will workout my arms 3 sets of 15 ( tricep rope (18 pounds), lat pull down (15 pounds), seated cable row (20 pounds), bicep curls (8pounds)). Before I warm up 15 mins on the elliptical moderate intensity or 15 minute HITT on treadmill.
I must of strained my chest wall using one of the machines. Anyways, I ended up seeing a cardiologist today and he told me that its nothing to worry about he just said I have to stop what I am doing in terms of workout and start all over, meaning to start back at a really low intensity level. Thankfully it doesn't bother me as much as I used to as I have quit using machines for about a month and now I just workout with 8 pound dumbbells but it does still bother me. I am still a beginner at the gym so I'm not really sure how to go lower than what I do already? Above I put in brackets the pounds I use when I workout.

My question is can someone PLEASE help me form a new workout routine or show me a website that can help? I really cannot afford to go see a physiologist and for the most part almost all the gyms near me cost money to see the fitness trainers and they are unfortunately really expensive. I know nutrition is 80% but I still would love to workout to lose weight and help build some muscle. The saddest part of this whole thing is that the gym was a place were I felt so empowered and now I feel so weak not knowing how to overcome this! If it’s hard for you all to give me advice please just direct me to an online source that can help!

Thank you everyone!
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